Debunking Some Common Myths About Your Vision

Unless you’re on the educational path to becoming an optometrist, it’s unlikely you’ll learn much about your vision outside of the brief lessons taught in biology class. So much of what we know [...]

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How Optomap Offers a Wider Picture of Your Vision

Early detection and preventative measures are the keys to preserving your vision; and evolving technologies are making the job much easier, according to Dr. Vivienne Velasco of iFocus Vision Center. In 2019, Dr. [...]

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Beware the Dangers of Over-the-Counter Costume Contact Lenses

Costume contact lenses are an easy way to upgrade your look for Halloween and other occasions, but there are risks involved when using a product on your eyes. Corrective contact lenses – traditional [...]

How Smoking and Vaping Affects Your Vision

While the smoking rate has declined in the United States, the Centers of Disease Control estimates that nearly 38 million adults -- 15.5 percent of the population – continue to smoke. At the [...]

Pink Eye Problems Common When New School Year Begins

While a new school year is cause for excitement as students return to their classrooms and friends, it also brings a level of anxiety for parents when those same kids come home with [...]

iFocus Vision Center 10th Anniversary Puts Spotlight on Gwen Stefani Collection

“Wearing eyewear for a kid should not be a punishment. [Children] should own a pair that they are happy to wear because it reflects their personality,” proclaims Grammy Award-winning singer, television host, and [...]