From Age to Genetics, These Are the Glaucoma Risk Factors You Need to Know

The Sneak Thief of Sight. The Silent Thief. No matter which nickname is used to describe Glaucoma, the message is clear: it will occur without warning and gradually rob you of your vision. [...]

How to Avoid Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

If you were asked the question, would you be able to count the number of hours you spend in front of a computer screen every week? It’s a question Dr. Vivienne Velasco often [...]

How Las Vegans Can Find Relief From Dry Eye

Living and working in a region that sees little precipitation or humidity, Dr. Vivienne Velasco is used to diagnosing the symptoms of dry eye. “The dry air that we experience in Southern Nevada, [...]

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Why 20/20 Doesn’t Mean ‘Perfect’ Vision

Like a high credit score or a job promotion, 20/20 vision is something you might flex when you’re around friends. But as Dr. Vivienne Velasco of iFocus Vision Center explains, 20/20 vision doesn’t [...]

How Blue Light Affects Your Eyes and Your Sleep Patterns

Putting a child to bed is an everyday challenge for parents, but the proliferation of digital devices has made it more difficult in recent years. Despite all efforts, it’s not all that unusual [...]

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Debunking Some Common Myths About Your Vision

Unless you’re on the educational path to becoming an optometrist, it’s unlikely you’ll learn much about your vision outside of the brief lessons taught in biology class. So much of what we know [...]

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